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How Many Calories Should You Eat?

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How Many Calories Should You Eat?

One of the most important questions to answer when creating a diet plan is how many calories you should actually be eating.  Unfortunately, very few people take the time to…

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What Type of Training Split is Best?

Tweet One of the most common questions I’m asked when someone is creating a workout routine is what type of training split they should use.  My response is always the same – “It depends on what you want.”  That is, the best training split depends on the goals you have set and on what type…


How to Lose One Pound a Week

Tweet If you’ve ever asked someone who has lost a lot of weight in the past how they did it, they will probably tell you they didn’t focus on losing the weight immediately, rather they just focused on losing a little bit of weight each week.  This is good advice.  Trying to lose 50 pounds…