Tom Venuto, CSCS, NSCA-CPT“In this candid and revealing interview, Tom Nicoli, a clinical hypnotherapist who was featured on Dateline NBC’s Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge, meets with fat loss expert and best selling author Tom Venuto. The two Toms discuss what it really takes to increase or even “skyrocket” your fat loss success and they uncover the reasons why it takes more than hard work and physical effort to succeed – it also takes the right mindset. Some of the facts Tom reveals you will surprise you because you won’t hear them from most other experts in the weight loss and fitness industry. Why? Because they either don’t know or they have a vested interest in keeping the truth hidden from you.”

– Tom Venuto CSCS, NSCA-CPT
  • Learn the Difference Between Losing Body Fat Versus Losing Body Weight
  • Discover the 80/20 Rule
  • Understand the Four Fundamental Pillars of any Fat Loss System
  • Avoid “Analysis Paralysis”
  • Determine whether You are “Carb-Tolerant” or “Carb-Intolerant
  • Learn to Start With a Baseline Program and Make Tiny Adjustments Each Week Based on Your Results

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