Daily Journal – Lee Hayward’s Blast Your Bench (Day 2)


Deciding where to start

The Blast Your Bench program offers 10 videos and 10 different pdf files totaling 248 pages available for immediate download.  With that amount of material it seems fairly easy to get overwhelmed and simply not do anything, so you must be careful.  Above all else you must make sure to take action each day so that at the end of the program you accomplish your original goal, which was to bench more weight!  Set some realistic goals, create a timeline, and then make sure you follow through!

Which files do I need to reach my goals?

During my morning cardio session I decided to sort through the material and I soon realized that the only pdf files that were absolutely necessary for me to read in order to make progress on my bench press were the Blast Your Bench eBook and the quick start guide.  Everything else (including all of the videos) seem to hold a ton of valuable information, but the entire reason I purchased the program was to shock my body and break through the plateau I’ve hit on the bench.  So that’s what I’m going to focus on.  One thing that I’ve found myself doing in the past was getting “analysis paralysis.”  In other words, I would wait until I understood everything perfectly and had everything in place exactly the way it needed to be before I would start working out.  I’m a perfectionist by nature, and I am always thorough … and I used to waste a lot of time trying to make sure that I did everything exactly by the book.  What I finally realized is that your workouts and diet will never be perfect.  At some point you just need to get going.

My goals for the program

My overall goal for this program is the following:

I will increase my max bench press 30 pounds by August 31st, 2013.

Notice how the goal is specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time bound?  All of these qualities are an absolute must if you are committed to making progress.  There are also several different action items that go along with it, but the statement in bold is what I will make sure to keep in front of me each day.  In addition, I have decided that I will follow the timeline listed below:

  1. Finish the pre-“Blast Your Bench” phase by August 3rd
  2. Read chapters 1 – 4 of Blast Your Bench by July 30th
  3. Read chapters 5 – 9 of Blast Your Bench by August 3rd
  4. Test my current max bench press on August 3rd
  5. Begin week 1 of Blast Your Bench on August 5th

As I read through the eBook I am aware that new tasks may emerge, but I’m trusting that these will be minimal as the program has been designed to be completed in less than a month.


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